Mini Fashion Clip Sport USB Micro 32GB SD TF Mirror C Button MP3 Music Media Player

Mini Fashion Clip Sport USB Micro 32GB SD TF Mirror C Button MP3 Music Media Player



Product Description

Name: Mini MP3 Player
Memory card type: TF card
Expansion card: Support
Mode of operation: push button
Interface: USB 2.0
Headphone jack: 3.5MM
Support audio format: MP3
Screen resolution: 160X128
Frequency response range: 1
Menu language: English
Type of battery : Lithium battery
Battery capacity: 90
Life time: 4 (hours)
Product size: 4.3*2.9*1.4
Color: white, pink, purple, green, blue, black
Packing list: 1 x MP3 (no memory card)
1 x earphone
1 x usb cable
Instructions for use:
1. Turn the MP3 switch on, the switch will turn ON and start playing. The status light starts to flash.
2. Press the play button again to start the pause state.
3. Press the volume to adjust the size.
4. Adjust the songs you want to listen to before and after.
5, stop playing, press the pause first, the host is in a pause state.
6. Turn the switch to the OFF state. The shutdown is complete.

Precautions for use:
1. Connect the USB port of the computer to charge, and charge the MP3 with the charger for more than 2 hours, otherwise it will easily cause the failure and damage of the built-in lithium battery of MP3.
2. Please don’t pay attention to the status of MP3 or charger indicator when charging. 1.5 hours of electricity will be full. After full charge, MP3 or charger indicator will not change any state.
3. Do not connect the USB port on the computer for more than 2 hours. When the MP3 is unplugged from the computer, you must strictly follow the requirements of the computer operating system, and then remove the hardware and then unplug the MP3. Otherwise , it is very easy to cause the MP3 player to lose the software program.
4. If the new machine is in normal use, please do not upgrade the firmware of the MP3 player.