Stun Gun with LED Flashlight for Women and Men Self-Defense Defend Yourself Rechargeable Electric Tazer Flashlight

Stun Gun with LED Flashlight for Women and Men Self-Defense Defend Yourself Rechargeable Electric Tazer Flashlight



Product Description

Packing List:
1 * Flashlight
1 * Gift Adapter
1 * Cloth Cover
1 * Charger with Universal plug

Input voltage 7.2VDC
Electric shock voltage: 60 million volts
The power consumption is more than 3A
Weight: 460g
Specification: 165x50x25 (mm)
Light bulb: imported CREE LED Q5
Lamp life: 10W hours
Light color: white light
Range: 280 meters
Lighting time: 6 hours.
Charging time: 5-6 hours.
Product weight: 460G
The product uses US Plug.

Usage method:
Before discharge, discharge is needed before charging, charging time is 10-12 hours.
First push the main power switch at the bottom to the (ON) gear, press the red button for the shock button, you can use the shock.
Close Guide: Should develop the habit of taking it with you and shooting smoothly. Put it in your handbag and briefcase. It will be useful in emergencies.

Matters needing attention:
It is advisable to shock the extremities of criminals by electric shock for 2-3 seconds. When the criminals lose the ability to resist, they should not be shocked again. It is strictly prohibited to use electric shock on children, the elderly, women and children. It is forbidden to shock important parts of the human body, such as the head and heart. Do not use with heart disease and pacemaker. All self-defense equipment can only be used for self-defense, and it is strictly prohibited to engage in all illegal activities and bear the consequences. Electric shocks on metal objects are strictly prohibited. Do not shock when charging or lighting. Continuous electric shock time should not exceed 5 seconds, otherwise it will affect the service life.

Charging instructions: the new shock is discharged at the factory, before use should be used up the remaining power, and then use special charger or self-charging plug to charge, charging current can not be too large, do not use in the charging process, before charging should be turned off the total switch, charging time 3-4 hours. Do not use immediately after charging, should be placed 10 minutes after the use of electric shock and lighting, can effectively extend the life of the bulb.

Maintenance instructions: please do not place damp places, not in high and low temperature environment. For more than a month, long-term storage should be in dry and well ventilated rooms, and should be charged once a month.